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Basic Partner Training

Whether you are a new or current Agent Partner, you can always count on our in-house trainer’s industry expertise, experience and knowledge to deliver Basic Partner Training to meet your business needs.


Kughashinee Dewarajan (Kugha) 

Regional Training Manager 

With over ten years of training experience, Kugha has an extensive track record in empowering her workshop attendees with the required knowledge and skills to maximise their professional success. 


Highly motivated Corporate trainer with experience in training small and large groups across diverse industries. Proven success in leveraging educational theories and methodologies to design, develop, and deliver successful training programs to provide onsite and virtual training.


Through her training, attendees are equipped with the know-how to grow productivity and improve performances significantly. Kugha is an approved PSMB trainer and double master holder in Law and Business Administration.

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Belinda Tho

Customer Training Manager 

Belinda has more than 20 years’ experience as a trainer.  Her expertise is in delivering customized and relevant learning solutions and sales effectiveness know-how to her audience.


In her previous capacity as a trainer at AIA, she has trained more than 3000 insurance agents and managers on essential topics such as financial planning, insurance products, agency management and effective selling strategies. Most of these trained agents have now progressed to become influential leaders. 

In her career as a trainer, Belinda has also trained healthcare professionals such as doctors, pharmacists and dietitians on the topic of genomes (DNA), a highly niche subject that requires a specialized sales approach. 

As a trainer attach to PropertyGuru Group, Belinda’s role is to equip property agents with sales techniques and product know-hows relating to the property market via a well-designed sales-oriented training program, which empower agents to be more confident in their personal sales strategy.  Her goal in training is to help individuals to maximize their potential. 


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